A Monthly Book Club for Romance Writers/Readers

    This  is an international and Internet book club exclusively for romance writers
and readers with our monthly selections chosen from within our own
membership.  This is a wonderful opportunity for you as the reader to get to
know the authors, get the chance to ask them questions, and enjoy their novels. 
  Authors, this is the perfect chance to showcase your work and build a fan following.

    Each month a different category of the romance genre will be featured.  You, as a member, and your fans/friends will get to vote on one of four choices.  The selected book will become our book of the month.   At predetermined dates we will post chapter/section questions and accept your comments and discussions.  The author will be available to  field your questions or just chat.

    I encourage you to join and participate as often as you like.  Don't just stick with your favorite category, try a new one.  You just might discover a whole new love. 
Or you can just hover and enjoy the interaction.

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IBookBuzz is now closed.
Out of 818 members
only 5 % were participating.

We can't run a book club with members who are not interested.

It isn't fair to those authors who are seriously promoting their novels.

We thank our members who were active.

Best wishes on your future writing endeavors .

The contest was great fun and, yes, I did see an increase in interest and sales for A SLIP IN TIME. Learning of three more great reads was also a plus.

Thank you for placing TIME in your bookstore and website and your purchase as well.

Love iBookBuzz and have been promoting you to all my friends.

Thanks again for all you do. Have a great day!

Kathleen Kirkwood

SHADES OF THE PAST, now available
A SLIP IN TIME, now available
HIS FAIR LADY, available September

Book #5
Average 143  visitors a day from :
  50 states + DC
  58 countries       28 time zones
  37 languages
6 Continents!
    It was an honor having "A Suitable Husband" chosen as the Book of the Month for Historical fiction. The process of writing the blog and the discussion questions got me thinking about the book afresh, which helped me prepare for upcoming author visits. I also discovered other writers in the process, among them Jody Lebel, a wonderful writer who was great to work with. Many thanks to her and the ibookbuzz board!

S.B. Lerner
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