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       Book  #2 (352 pages)
Title: Waking Up With a Rake
    by Author Mia Marlowe &
       Connie Mason

        Book #1 (278 pages)
  Title: A Note of Scandal
    by Author Nicky Penttila      

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"This romance novel combines the thrill of reading a good romance with the intrigue of great historical fiction." -- Amazon

" It is obvious that the writer has done her homework as the sense of place is vivid and renewed with each page turn. In spite of the well-researched setting, the story and the romance whirl you away into a book that is difficult to put down." -- Amazon. 

" --  clever premise -- a well-drawn cast of characters -- a story that makes readers want to cheer, revolt, weep and hope." -- Amazon

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        Available at: Amazon
   $7.00 paper      $6.79 /ebook
To prevent three royal dukes from marrying their way onto the throne, heroic, selfless agents for the crown will be dispatched...to seduce the dukes' intended brides. These wickedly debauched rakes will rumple sheets and cause a scandal. But they just might fall into their own trap...

After he's blamed for a botched assignment during war, former cavalry officer Rhys Warrick turns his back on "honor." He spends his nights in brothels doing his best to live down to the expectations of his disapproving family. But one last mission could restore the reputation he's so thoroughly sullied. All he has to do is seduce and ruin Miss Olivia Symon and his military record will be cleared. For a man with Rhys's reputation, ravishing the delectably innocent miss should be easy. But Olivia's honesty and bold curiosity stir more than Rhys's desire. Suddenly the heart he thought he left on the battlefield is about to surrender...
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     Book #3 ( 270 pages)
Title: An Inconvenient Wife
   by Author Connie Hussey
         Available: Amazon
          $4.99 /ebook 
Fleeing an obsessive suitor, Anne Mackenzie finds refuge in Portugal, although she will only be completely safe in England. When she takes two children into her care, she never dreams that they will be the key to return her home. Lord Westcott can take her away from Portugal and protect her from the dangerous man in her past, but the price is high—a loveless marriage. Unless Anne can thaw the heart of this compelling, aloof stranger, they may be irrevocably bound to a lifetime of unhappiness.

Unable to ignore the bonds of friendship, Lord Westcott reluctantly agrees to visit Portugal in search of a missing child. A recluse since the death of his wife and a crippling injury to his daughter, he never imagines he will return with two orphans and a wife—a wife whose dangerous secrets threaten his very life—and his long-frozen heart.

Chance has thrown them together, but only love can transform an inconvenient wife into his heart’s desire.


"-- it whisked me to romantic Portugal with an interesting mix of characters and a believable but not obvious plot." -- Amazon

"I fell in love with the plucky heroine who rescues two children-and their dog!" -- Amazon

" transports me to another interesting place and time, peopled with exciting and brave characters." -- Amazon

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     $4.99 /ebook.
     Book #4 ( 168  pages)
  Title: Dead to Rights
    by Author Cate Masters



Available at: Amazon                        $5.99/ebook
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        Book #4 (244 pages)
  Title: Hope's Betrayal
                by Author Grace Elliot
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  One wild, winter's night two worlds collide.

Known for his ruthless efficiency, Captain George Huntley is sent to stamp out smuggling on the south coast of England. On a night raid, the Captain captures a smuggler, but finds his troubles are just beginning when the lad turns out to be a lass, Hope Tyler.
With Hope as bait, the Captain sets a trap to catch the rest of the gang. But in a battle of wills, with his reputation at stake, George Huntley starts to respect feisty, independent Hope. Challenged by her sea-green eyes and stubborn loyalty Huntley now faces a new threat - his growing attraction to a sworn enemy. But a love where either Hope betrays her own kind, or Captain Huntley is court-marshaled, is not an easy destiny to follow.

Hope's Betrayal is romance with a touch of innocence and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys falling in love, with all its angst and fervor. ”  -- laurathomas61 

"Huntley in particular is an interesting character, stubborn and passionate. ”  --
Lindsay Townsend 

"The story was solid and the dialog well done. ”  - Amazon

         Available at: Amazon
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  What’s the harm in a little white lie?

Especially when it could carry so much good—a new life for a wounded soldier, catharsis after long years of war, and an opportunity for lady composer Olivia Delancey to finally hear her music played in public.

Newspaper publisher Will Marsh refuses to compound the sins of his father’s generation by taking money to print propaganda. But with the end of the wars in France and America, he needs something new to drive Londoners to grab his paper first. Why not publish the score of the “Tune That Took Waterloo,” by a wounded vet, no less?

As Olivia struggles to keep her secrets from this unsuitably alluring publisher, and Will fights to find the truth without losing his hold on this bright-eyed angel who has descended into his life, both discover another sort of truth.

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  eBook link

"Full of sweet romance, explosive passion, and a few shocking twists... a marvelous read. " - Imagine a World

"Such a lovely read that when it was over, I wanted more... The love scenes were scorching and the romance on key!" - Romantic Romps

"Deliciously scandalous, with authentic settings, realistic characters and wicked seductions.
4 Stars" - RT Book Reviews

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Waking Up With a Rake
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